When it comes to dog training, experience and expertise are key factors in ensuring effective and successful training outcomes. At Dog Trainer Tips, you’ll find a powerhouse team of dog training experts comprising Phil Hornsby, Michelle Cunningham, Pat Talbert, and Wendy Ming. Collectively, these exceptional trainers possess over 100 years of dog training experience, making them a formidable force in the industry. With their vast knowledge and practical skills as independent performance dog coaches, guard dog trainers, and experienced dog handlers with Hollywood experience, they bring unparalleled expertise to every aspect of dog training.

Phil Hornsby

The Performance Dog Specialist

With a career spanning decades, Phil Hornsby is a renowned name in the dog training world. His expertise lies in training performance dogs, including those involved in agility, obedience, and canine sports. Phil’s deep understanding of canine behavior and training methods has helped numerous dogs achieve outstanding performance levels. His ability to establish a strong bond with dogs and customize training methods based on individual needs makes him a trusted mentor for aspiring dog trainers and handlers.

Michelle Cunningham

The Guard Dog Guru

When it comes to training guard dogs, Michelle Cunningham stands out as an authority in the field. With a background in law enforcement and security, Michelle has extensive experience in training dogs for protection, security, and defense purposes. Her meticulous approach to guard dog training ensures that each dog is equipped with the necessary skills to be an effective protector. Michelle’s ability to assess dogs’ temperaments and tailor training techniques accordingly has earned her a reputation as a highly sought-after guard dog trainer.

Pat Talbert

The Versatile Dog Whisperer

Pat Talbert’s versatility as a dog trainer is unrivaled. With proficiency in various training disciplines, including obedience, agility, and behavior modification, Pat excels in addressing a wide range of canine needs. His empathetic approach and ability to connect with dogs on an emotional level have earned him the title of “dog whisperer.” Pat’s compassionate yet firm training methods help dogs overcome behavioral challenges and build a solid foundation of obedience and trust.

Wendy Ming

The Hollywood Dog Expert

Having worked in the entertainment industry, Wendy Ming brings a unique perspective to dog training. Her experience as a Hollywood dog handler and trainer has involved collaborating with dogs for film, television, and live performances. Wendy’s expertise lies in preparing dogs for specific roles, ensuring they deliver exceptional performances on cue. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the training techniques required for on-screen success, Wendy has left an indelible mark on the industry.

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